How to Score Good Marks In University Semester Exams

We all know a Proverb “Practice Makes A Man Perfect”. This Proverb is not merely a saying or not just a few words. This explains what one should do to become suceesful. But as we all know No One is Perfect in the world. But we can do as much as we can to achieve this.

The world in which we are living is full of competition. Everywhere be it a school, college, university, competitive exams or anything we have to face competition. In the world where there is so many sources to follow one must be wise what to do or what not. As a university student you all are aware of the fact.

Tips to Score Good Marks In Exams

If you are in your college years. You must follow the following tips to score good marks. These are the Personal view of the author and Toppers. These tips are mostly followed by students. I hope this will benefit you.

Don’t wait for exam

This is the most common dilemma which we all face. Generally Students starts preparing for their exam just before one months of the exam. Every year we start preparing for the exam when we got the timetable or routine. This is the biggest mistake what one do. If you really want to score a good marks you have to start preparing early. Starting the preparation at an early gives you many advantages and it will also boost your confidence.

Finish Your Syllabus Early

You must finish your syllabus at least once or twice before the exam. Finishing your syllabus is the key component of your success. If you have completed the syllabus you will be able to answer many more question during the exam. answering more question will fetch you more marks.

Revise Revise and Re-Revise

Revise all the topic given in the syllabus. Try and practice answer writing. It will ensure that you are preparing in the right direction.

Previous Year Question Paper

If you can find the previous year question paper then try to solve the question asked in last year exam. If you have missed any question or topic then try to complete that.

Solve Mock Papers

You should solve some mock papers to score well. Mock Paper contains some very important questions. You must practice the question given in the mock test.

I hope these suggestion will help you to score good marks. Thanks for reading.

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