Difference Between HTML and CSS?

in this article, we are going to talk about a very famous and most asked question by engineering students difference between HTML and CSS?

HTML5+CSS3 - A new stage in the development of web technologies

Many of the people think that both language are used in website building so they both are same we don’t need to learn both of language to build a professional website.

They think that we have learned HTML language, so now we can easily create a website, but they do not know that just as one hand does not clap, in the same way a website is not made from HTML alone.

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So in today’s article, we will answer the question of many students who want to become a web developer in the future and want to make a website, whether Html and CSS are both the same language, if not, then the difference between Html and CSS?

So now without wasting time let us start our topic difference between HTML and CSS topic, before starting this topic, we have to take alternately what is the languages, how does it work, what is the importance of both of them in their respective places.


The full form of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language is basically the most basic and low language of website building , if you want to make a website then you have to start it with HTML without using HTML we are not a website at all. Creating a website without HTML means building a building without bricks.

Now let us understand the role of HTML in the website, what is the role of HTML in the website.

If a person wants to build his building, then he does not paint color in it directly, he first needs a building on which he can paint, in the same way a person cannot do the work of designing in a website because unless If he does not have a website, then he will not design it, so we can say in simple words that HTML is the language used to create the structure of the website, by using HTML we can prepare the complete structure of a website that What will be the features in the website, what will be the sections, which facilities will be available in the website, a complete structure of all of them is prepared by HTML.

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when the whole structure is ready through HTML then inside The work of beauty and decoration is done, this work is done only through CSS language, so now you must have understood that what is the role of HTML in a website, if you do not understand, then let us tell you again in simple words. The language used to prepare the Structure of a website is called HTML It is said that without HTML, we cannot prepare the website structure and no website can be built without a lot of development.


We have given you complete information about the HTML website above, now we talk about the Web Development Language CSS, whose full form is Casecade StyleSheet this is the same high level coding language, it is more difficult and better than HTML. The language is HTML, where only the structure builds, But CSS makes a beautiful professional and responsive website from that structure, that is, after the HTML structure is created, CSS acts as a decoration in it, so we can say that CSS is incomplete without HTML and HTML is incomplete without CSS, when both the languages ​​are available, only then a website can be built.

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This was some information about HTML and CSS in short form. Now we have written our article for which we have not mentioned the difference between HTML and CSS, let’s talk about it.

Differnce between html and css

I do not think that now there must have been any confusion in your mind that what is HTML and CSS and how it works, so now we tell you the difference between HTML and CSS, the first difference between both, is that HTML works for decoration. No, it can be used only to create a structure, yes you can change the color, font of the text, and its size from HTML, but how much margin has to be given to it, how much should it be kept pending to keep it in the center Where he has to do some moving or where to give animation to him, only CSS can do this work, so this is their biggest difference.

You will make a website using HTML but it will look like a ruin and when you use CSS in it, it will become a magnificent palace from ruins without CSS the website cannot look beautiful at all.

You will create a website using HTML but that website will be able to be made either for laptop, for desktop or for mobile because HTML does not support responsive mode, you have to use CSS to make the website responsive.

There are many other differences in HTML and CSS, but it is very difficult to cover all the differences in one article, so today we will tell you about the same difference in this article, we will soon bring an article related to it so that You can know the difference between HTML and CSS.

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